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Woven Wrap Tutorial: Traditional Sling Carry (formerly known as rebozo)

Woven Wraps are my favorite items to use for carrying Maxine around. One of my favorite quick carries to use with her is the traditional sling carry. This is done with a size base -3 to -6 wrap depending on your base size.


How to do the traditional sling carry!

rebozo0289Gather the wrap on your shoulder

rebozo0384 Bring the wrap across your back.

rebozo0443Gather the side that you pulled behind you in front by bunching in your hand.
Now for the slipknot. This seems harder than it actually is.

rebozo0527Bring the wrap over the tail that is hanging over your shoulder. rebozo0822Take that around and behind the hanging tail, and up.

rebozo0884Bring the wrap down.

rebozo0945Make a number 4 shape with the wrap. The side you are working with should go *behind* the tail.

rebozo1017Bring the end of the wrap around and through the hole that was made by that 4 shape.

rebozo1128Pull, and there is your slipknot! Do not pull it too tight yet.
rebozo1212Now you’re ready for your child.

rebozo1317Place baby on your shoulder in the burp position. Reach through the bottom of your pocket and gently grab baby’s ankles. Gently bring the carrier over the baby with the feet and ankles out at the bottom.

rebozo1567Make a hammock for baby to sit in with fabric knee to knee. Baby should be in an “M” position with knees higher than their bottom.

rebozo1838Now pull all slack (loose fabric) out of the wrap through the knot by pulling the tail strand by strand. That means to pull the fabric little by little firmly so that it is snug.

rebozo1985Once all of the slack is out, you can pull the slipknot tight to lock everything in place.

rebozo2087Make sure the fabric is spread out over your back!

rebozo2155Congratulations! You have completed the traditional sling carry!!

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Here is a handy graphic to help you remember how to make a slipknot. Share it with your friends!

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Review: Nunamoochie Anya

Remember that awesome budget handwoven from Nunamoochie that I reviewed back in February? Today I have the more colorful sister to that wrap!


Nunamoochie Anya is a 100% cotton handwoven wrap that is thin and beautifully lightweight. The colors are remiscent of a “tequila sunrise” and it is the first wrap to feature the color pink for them. It is named Anya in honor of Colleen and Tanni’s  (the owners)  first baby girl.


I am going to compare this wrap to Retro quite a bit because the two are so similar, but so different! Maxine is now 28 pounds and around 33 inches tall so she is only 5 pounds heavier than when Retro came to Chesapeake. Like Retro, this wrap molds so well to our bodies!

The front wrap cross carry (FWCC) is so comfortable! Though thinner than Retro, Anya was comfortable on my shoulders with a toddler. It is incredibly soft. This was my favorite carry with Anya. The next carry I tried was a ruck finished knotless. This wrap is great for a ruck because it is nice and wide.

FullSizeRender (1)

Another carry I tried was the Half-FWCC because I needed to see a slipknot with this wrap. I think the plus of a thinner wrap is that the slipknot is very manageable. It stayed in place once tightened. The slipknot in in Retro was not as solid as with Anya in my experience.



Anya ROCKED a torso carry so well! Double hammock torso  was so comfortable and thanks to the width of Anya, it felt even more secure. I also did Jasmine’s tandem carry for fun. Owen  and Maxine loved it. Sixty pounds of kid only stayed up for about 15 minutes total because HEAVY but I feel like this would be an awesome wrap for tandem wearing lighter babies.



Just like Retro, Anya is airy, soft, and so easy to wrap with. This wrap will be great for beginners and experienced wrappers alike. It requires next to no breaking in. This wraps true to size and it shines in a base size with toddlers! I bet it would be comfortable in a shorty for smaller babies.


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