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Review: Baby-Doo Orchid Ring Sling

I recently had the privilege of hosting a Baby-Doo Orchidej ring sling from Marsupial Mamas. I absolutely LOVED the colors! When I opened the package the first thing I did was gasp at the colors.

Snoozing at Peppa Pig Live! Peppa’s Big Splash

This 100% cotton ring sling was a size medium which is juuust long enough for me to work with. I usually use a large or extra large sling. I used this exclusively with Minerva. She is 11 pounds, 21 inches, and 3 months old.

She fell asleep in this sling a lot.

I used this Baby-Doo ring sling for a few weeks. It was super soft! It was on the thin side of medium and was excellent in the hot weather we had. It was really comfortable on my shoulder. I really like how easy it was to get through the rings. I usually nurse while wearing so adjusting through the rings is incredibly important for me.

A milky nap at the doctor’s office. Necklace by The Vintage Honey Shop.

Ring slings are my go-to carrier especially when I need something quick to toss in my bag. This ring sling passed the fit-in-my-bag test! It isn’t bulky at all and did not take up much room in my diaper bag or my carry-all purse.

Bus stop napping

I would recommend this sling to wearers of all skill level. This would be so great for someone who is brand new to ring slings. It was so easy to get through the rings. I loved it with my baby! I would definitely recommend this ring sling to friends. Especially friends who look great in jewel tones!

kangaroo carry while we waited for window tinting
naptime while shopping

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babywearing, review

Review: Kokoska KokoSplash Classsic and Deluxe Water Slings

Recently I got to try out two Kokoskaa KokoSplash water slings! The Classic and Deluxe are both mesh water slings. They can be used with babies from 8 pounds to 35 pounds and the Classic can be used up to 40 pounds!

Brittany and Maxine are both looking past the camera in this picture. Maxine is in a blue and pink mesh water ring sling with pink metal rings.

The KokoSplash Classic is a solid water sling that is great through toddlerhood. This sturdy mesh is perfect for wearing in and out of the water. It has plenty of texture and the rings do not budge once locked in place. My daughter is 30 pounds and she definitely did not feel that heavy while up in the sling. While in the water, the aluminum rings did not slip one bit. The mesh dries relatively quickly as well.

Brittany and Maxine are taking a mirror selfie. Brittany is wearing Max in a blue and white water ring sling. Maxine is looking into the mirror and Brittany is looking at the purple phone in her hand.

The KokoSplash Deluxe is a softer, more luxurious mesh than the Classic. This sling is comfier on my shoulder than the Classic and is best for smaller kiddos. This mesh would be perfectly smooshy soft for a tiny baby! With a heavier kiddo, there was a tiny bit of slippage in the rings while trying to adjust the sling while dry, but as long as you are properly tightening, that should be no issue.  The aluminum rings worked excellently while wet! The rings did not budge. This mesh dries relatively fast too.

I would recommend these water slings to everyone! Especially if you enjoy the beach or pool. Showers are made super easy with these water slings too!

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babywearing, review

Review: Joy and Joe Fluffy Shades of Feathers

Hi!! So this review took a little longer than I planned. Life happened. Death happened. I had a rough few weeks. Super rough. I won’t bore you with the details. ANYWAYS, I made this short quick first impressions review of Joy and Joe Baby‘s Fluffy Shades of Feathers a few weeks ago. It’s only a couple minutes long (and captioned).

Now that I have put the sling through the ringer, it is time for a full review! Let me start off by saying this sling is so so soft. I still can’t get over how soft it is because a cotton machine woven should not be this soft! WOW! This is good and bad. Good because it makes this sling perfect for little babies. Bad because it makes you expect all cotton to be this soft. Wearing Maxine (29 lbs) is not ideal in this sling for long periods of time. Teething has been hard on her and she has wanted up way more than usual so I used this sling because it was fast. Repeatedly wearing her was hard on my shoulder but I think that it was because the shoulder got a little diggy for me with the repeated up and down.

If you look carefully, you can see “JJ” woven into the fabric.

This sling was SO moldable. The fabric was basically a second skin. If moldable is your thing, definitely try out this sling! Fluffy Shades of Feathers was very easy to adjust. Getting it through the rings was no problem at all. It also easily spread across my back.  The gathered shoulder helped this ring sling get a thumbs up from me.

 I would recommend Joy and Joe Baby Fluffy Shades of Feathers to all wearers. It is great for smaller infants, but can get uncomfortable in long periods of time for heavy toddlers. Also, if you enjoy a gathered shoulder, give this sling a spin!

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Porter Baby Slings: Review


After searching for an affordable ring sling, I came across Porter Baby Slings on Instagram. Their slings caught my eye because of the vibrant colors and the affordable price of $35. They have 13 colors and sometimes they offer limited release colors. After staring at all the colors for what felt like hours, I decided to get the red sling with black rings. It took seven days from ordering for it to ship. Then it got to me in two days.


It is packaged in a ziploc bag and folded. The presentation was beautiful. I was scared that the color in person would not be as bright, but I was pleasantly surprised! It was very red. My favorite shade of red!


I put it on right away. Maxine loved it! It was comfortable on my shoulder and easy to adjust. It is soft right out of the bag, and I bet it will only get softer. It is lightweight so I think it will be great for this summer.


From the website:

All Porter Baby Slings are made of a strong and durable 60% linen/40% cotton blend, making them suitable from birth into toddlerhood (5-35 lbs). Porter Baby Slings uses 3″ aluminum rings. We use only Sling Rings brand rings, which are designed specifically for use while babywearing. Sling Rings are rigorously tested to ensure the safest possible product. We use only 100% polyester Gutermann thread. We use colormatched thread for all ring slings. Porter Baby Slings measure approximately 77″ long from rings to tail and will fit most parents from XS-XL. Our slings use a gathered-style shoulder.






Even after a wash, the color is still very bright! It looks like I never washed it. I will be using this sling a lot during the summer and I recommend Porter Baby Slings as a great budget sling for everyone!