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Review: Ankalia Mako Laguna

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting Ankalia Mako Laguna. Just from looking at the wrap I imagined it to be everything I wanted in a wrap because I really was digging the colors! That always  is the first thing I notice when I open the package.

Me teaching with Laguna! Thank you Paul Chin, Jr for this great picture!

Mako was a size 4 which is base -4 for me. I tested this wrap out with Minerva AND Maxine. Minerva is three months old and 11 pounds. Maxine is three years old and 35 pounds. What a difference, right?! This 100% fine cotton beauty was comfy for both of my girls! My go to carry with Minerva was a kangaroo carry  and with Maxine, I stayed at a ruck with candy cane chest belt.

Kangaroo carry at the bus stop

This wrap was solid! Solid wraps are perfect for shorty carries in my opinion. I used a sling ring for a couple of carries and the wrap stayed in place through the ring very well. With the short front cross carry, Laguna’s grip made the carry shine. This wrap also rocked a slipknot. This wrap is on the thicker side of medium and that helped make traditional sling carry super comfortable on my shoulder with my three year old as well as the little one. This wrap was solid on my shoulders and definitely is a great ruck candy cane chest belt wrap.

short front cross carry

The wrap did not glide easily so pulling it through the ring was a little tough in short front cross carry. The grip made it a little difficult to kangaroo carry in, but once I got it in place, the kangaroo carry went NOWHERE. This wrap was wide enough for my toddler but not so overwhelming that my infant disappeared.

I absolutely loved the colors!

This wrap is a great toddler wrap! Once broken in it will be amazing with little babies as well. The wrap that I borrowed was well on its way to being broken in. I recommend this wrap to caregivers with children in the bowling ball stage and beyond. This may be a little overwhelming for a newborn. I also would suggest this to a caregiver who is familiar with woven wraps.

Napping big girl

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BloomyLoom Choco-Grass UHU Woven Wrap: Review

This week I had the pleasure of testing out a wrap from BloomyLoom, a new company out of Budapest, Hungary.

Left: direct sunlight. Right: shade/indoors

The Choco-grass UHU, or Owls, is a super comfy 100% combed cotton medium weight wrap. This is going to break in buttery soft and I think it will be great for new babies and beginner wrappers. This will also be good for heavier kiddos in multiple pass carries.

Kangaroo carry. Shows both sides of the wrap well.

The first carry I tried with UHU was a kangaroo carry. The wrap glided easily and it molded well to our bodies. Maxine tried to slide out of her seat, but couldn’t.

Rucksack carry

When I took the wrap outside, holy cow! The green was so vibrant! It was a perfect lime green. It made me instantly fall head over heels for Owls. I love bright colors! I quickly put Maxine up in a ruck (which is very difficult for us because she is a notorious seat popper) and it was rock solid. The width was perfect to keep her in a ruck.

Poppin's hip carry

Next, I decided to try out a poppin’s hip carry because this is my go-to nursing carry. The wrap didn’t dig at all. There are some wraps that I have to avoid this carry with and I’m so happy to say that this isn’t one of them.


I’m sad to send this wrap back on the road, but I will probably end up buying one! I can’t wait to see how beautiful this wrap feels when it’s completely broken in. The colors make me smile. They also have cats and swirls in this colorway.

This wrap is traveling through the United States. I was lent this wrap for review. All opinions are my own and I received nothing in return for my honest review