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Review: Natibaby Monarchs 

One of the first brands that I ever tried when wrapping was Natibaby, so when Marsupial Mamas asked me to try out their exclusive Natibaby Monarchs wrap, I was thrilled!! This wrap caught my eye because of the beautiful monarch butterflies all over the wrap. Maxine constantly asked for uppies in “butterfwies mommy!!” over the two weeks we borrowed this wrap.

The Monarchs wrap that I tried out was a base -2ish for me. It wrapped like a long 6 (which makes sense because in my experience, natibaby wraps run a little long). This 100 % cotton beauty was solid. It is a dense weave that is so very toddlerworthy! It held Maxine’s 30ish lbs no problem! Maxine is a tall 2.5 year old as well and the width of the wrap handled that no problem!

This wrap felt flat on my shoulders. It was not diggy at all! I wore it in many single layer front carries, but I preferred it in a multilayered back carry. Maxine’s Back Carry was my favorite carry to do with this wrap. Monarchs is not soft but it is still very comfortable. It has basically zero stretch and it was not super moldable, but it still was easy to get the passes in place thanks to the glide.

I would compare this to other Natibaby cotton wraps. I was so surprised to enjoy the wrap so much because it is basically opposite in what I prefer for wearing Maxine. It definitely had the most important quality for me though–SUPPORT. Since I am now 24 weeks pregnant, I need something that will lock into place and not budge. THIS IS THAT WRAP. Once tied off, it did not move an inch! We also wore this to the Zoo for an hour in 80 degree weather. The wrap is not airy, but we didn’t melt in the multilayered carry for the hour she was up.

I recommend this wrap to experienced wearers and those who are wearing toddlers! It will take some breaking in for sure. The pattern is absolutely beautiful, and I bet if you love the pattern, you will want the wrap as well.

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babywearing, review

Review: Nunamoochie Anya

Remember that awesome budget handwoven from Nunamoochie that I reviewed back in February? Today I have the more colorful sister to that wrap!


Nunamoochie Anya is a 100% cotton handwoven wrap that is thin and beautifully lightweight. The colors are remiscent of a “tequila sunrise” and it is the first wrap to feature the color pink for them. It is named Anya in honor of Colleen and Tanni’s  (the owners)  first baby girl.


I am going to compare this wrap to Retro quite a bit because the two are so similar, but so different! Maxine is now 28 pounds and around 33 inches tall so she is only 5 pounds heavier than when Retro came to Chesapeake. Like Retro, this wrap molds so well to our bodies!

The front wrap cross carry (FWCC) is so comfortable! Though thinner than Retro, Anya was comfortable on my shoulders with a toddler. It is incredibly soft. This was my favorite carry with Anya. The next carry I tried was a ruck finished knotless. This wrap is great for a ruck because it is nice and wide.

FullSizeRender (1)

Another carry I tried was the Half-FWCC because I needed to see a slipknot with this wrap. I think the plus of a thinner wrap is that the slipknot is very manageable. It stayed in place once tightened. The slipknot in in Retro was not as solid as with Anya in my experience.



Anya ROCKED a torso carry so well! Double hammock torso  was so comfortable and thanks to the width of Anya, it felt even more secure. I also did Jasmine’s tandem carry for fun. Owen  and Maxine loved it. Sixty pounds of kid only stayed up for about 15 minutes total because HEAVY but I feel like this would be an awesome wrap for tandem wearing lighter babies.



Just like Retro, Anya is airy, soft, and so easy to wrap with. This wrap will be great for beginners and experienced wrappers alike. It requires next to no breaking in. This wraps true to size and it shines in a base size with toddlers! I bet it would be comfortable in a shorty for smaller babies.


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Review: Nunamoochie

 These past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of testing out a wrap called “Year of the Horse” by Nunamoochie. I had never heard of this company before, but when Kiwi Baby Shop approached me about trying out the wrap, I couldn’t turn the opportunity down! I love trying out new wraps. This Year of the Horse design is based on the Chinese Zodiac and incorporates the phases of the moon. The colors are green, black, and purple.


When I first opened the wrap, I was surprised by how soft it was. I immediately wanted to snuggle up with the wrap and sleep on it. It is 100% organic cotton and a medium weight. It is great for new babies and feels like it will be great through toddler years. I loved that the wrap came washed and pressed. I quickly put Maxine up in a double hammock.


 Maxine is 22lbs and felt like a feather in this wrap. I immediately thought “Wow, this will be a great shorty!” Maxine fell asleep within being up for five minutes. I guess she thought it was super soft too.


I have a bad back and shoulder so it is important to me that the wrap feels supportive without digging in a front wrap cross carry and double hammock (my go-to carries). This wrap passed the test! It holds a knot and ring well and there is no constant adjusting once the carry is finished. It is not a super stretchy wrap. It glides easily and the passes stay where you put them. It feels the same thickness as Didymos Sun Tendrils, but way softer since of course, it’s not a hemp blend like that. It wraps very similar to Girasol Cosmic Rainbow.

Year of the Horse will be easy to break in. Just after two washes, it was super soft. I would not recommend this to new wrappers because it may be difficult to get the wrap sufficiently tightened. If you like wraps that are not too thick and super cushy on the shoulders, then this will be a great choice for you!


My husband said that is looked cool and that is HUGE because he doesn’t like any of my wraps. It still didn’t get him to wrap though! Each wrap comes with a key chain made from scraps. I enjoyed Year of the Horse so much, that I checked out what other wraps Nunamoochie had in stock and bought my own! Elephant Ears comes in such a fun pattern!


I was right, Nunamoochie 100% organic cotton is perfect for a shorty.