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Review: Soul AseemA

 Soul is a wonderful company based in Bangalore, India that has taken the world by storm! They have a wide variety of baby carriers too. From slings to buckles–they’ve got it all! They even have some pretty sweet accessories to match their carriers. I first came across them on Instagram a few years ago and since then I’ve been watching them flourish. Recently, they sent me their new carrier, the AseemA to try out.

I. Am. Impressed. The carrier can be used from newborn through toddlerhood. It is fully adjustable and the waistband is a lot easier to adjust and stays in place better than their previous adjustable carrier, the AnoonA.

I used the AseemA carrier exclusively with Minerva who is now 2 years old, in 3T clothing, and 30 pounds. She was pretty comfortable in this carrier! I used it on the widest setting with her.  When wearing her on the front, I briefly tried out the lumbar support, but I am not a fan of the lumbar support on any carrier so I quickly removed that. Once on my front, I was easy to adjust the carrier. The PFA’s made it easy to make her more snug when I needed.

For me, this carrier shined in the back carry! I really enjoyed how comfortable the straps were on my shoulders and I love that the chest clip was easy to move down as I needed. The way the adjustable panel is set up, Minerva easily scooted down the panel enough to comfortably put her arms out. I did have to take her down to scoot the panel back up so she could put her arms in to sleep but that was no big deal for me because I have a heavy sleeper.

The AseemA also came with a detachable wristlet. My phone fit inside of it and that was so helpful! The hood is detachable. If needed, I can use this carrier with my friends smaller babies as well. I am pretty excited for everyone else to try out the AseemA! Have you tried it out? Tell me what you think below!!


Be sure to check Soul out on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and  also Join their groups Soul Family/Soul Family US Edition on Facebook!

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