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Soul Mate: Which Soul is for You?

As everyone should know by now, I am a HUGE FAN of Soul! The brand has a pretty fun community and the equally amazing carriers make up a decent part of my collection. Soul has been such an important part of my journey that I am a brand ambassador for them! I love that I can loan my carriers out to wearers of all sizes because their carriers are pretty generously sized. Have you wondered which Soul carrier would be a good match for you? Well let’s figure that out!

image of several colorful baby carriers strewn across a table

Soft Structured Carriers

Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs) are the most user-friendly carriers in my opinion. The first time I used one, I literally put it on, adjusted it a little, and made my way out to the store. When I first tried a Soul soft structured carrier, I had the same experience! Soul offers three different soft structured carriers: Standard, Toddler, and AnoonA.

The Standard sized soft structured carrier is good for kiddos from about 4 months/~15 lbs/25 in on up. You can use it for front and back carries. This carrier allows for two-way adjustment on the arms, has perfect fit adjusters (PFAs), movable chest clip, and an awesome hood for napping/feeding. I love how thick the waistband is and since the carrier buckles on the side, it is easy for me to quickly buckle and tighten my waist clip in one swoop.

The Toddler sized soft structured carrier is good for your big toddlers/preschoolers. This carrier is for 2 years/25 lbs/35 in and up. It is such a huge carrier! Maxine was almost 3 when we started using it and she had so much space to grow still! We still use it with her at age 4. You can use this carrier for front and back carries. Like the standard, this carrier allows for two-way adjustment on the arms, has perfect fit adjusters (PFAs), movable chest clip, and an awesome hood for napping/feeding. The waistband is just as comfy as the standard.

The AnoonA is Soul’s newest soft structured carrier and it grows with your child! You can use this from birth on up and you can do FIVE (that’s right, 5!!!) different carrying positions with the AnoonA as long as your baby has met the specifications. With this carrier you can do a newborn carry, front, back, hip, and forward facing out (FFO) carries. It features straps that you can cross, a pocket on the waistband, padded neck support, and a removable hood (which comes in handy when we are FFO.) Minerva thoroughly enjoyed facing out in the carrier. I love that I can use this carrier with her AND Maxine.


The buckle Onbuhimo is a carrier that is made just for back carries. It is cool for babies no smaller than 28 in/18 lbs and the kiddo ideally will be sitting independently. The onbuhimo features PFAs, a curved panel with thigh padding, a hood, and a comfy chest clip. Once you find your sweet spot (high and snug) you will be golden! Remember, this carrier is meant for a HIGH back carry. I use this carrier with Maxine as well.

Woven Wraps

Soul offers Jacquard, linen, and Handwoven wraps in their arsenal. Woven wraps are my absolute favorite. They are so versatile and there is a carry for everyone. The woven wrap can be used for newborn carries, front, hip, and back carries. This can be used for newborns on up. There is an easily identifiable middle marker and the wraps come in 12 sizes.  Sizing will depend on you and your rider’s size. For example, with Soul I’m a base size 8 when I’m wearing Minerva and a size 9 when I’m wearing Maxine. I love to use a base -2 for shorter carries. You can check out my YouTube channel for information on how to do several carries.

Meh Dais

The (now discontinued but still can be found on various buy/sell/trade pages) Meh Dai is pretty great. You can use it from about 4 months/~15 lbs/25 in onward, though you can use it with a smaller baby with some adjustments at your discretion. I use this with Maxine and Minerva. They both fit! The generous wrap straps with a padded shoulder help make a comfortable on the shoulders easy to tie off how I want carrier! I can even tie in the back with the Soul meh dai which I cannot do with many others. There is also a comfortable hood that is perfect for naps and feeding. I even know a fun trick that allows me to scoot baby from back to front!

Ring Slings

Soul’s Single and Double Layer ring slings are the most portable of all the carriers. I keep one in my diaper bag, my car, and within reach in the house. It has saved me SO MANY TIMES. The slings have a gathered shoulder and are reversible. They can be used on the left or right shoulder as well. I’ve used a ring sling the longest out of all the carriers from Soul and I’ve recommended them the most as well. They now come in 4 sizes. I prefer size 3 and 4 for myself. You can use a ring sling for newborns on up. You can do a newborn carry, front, hip, back, and kangaroo carry (seated facing out) in ring slings. Their generous sizing allows for wearers of a wide size range to be able to enjoy the carrier!

Hopefully this has helped you decide which Soul carrier will work best for you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you!

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