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Tutorial: Short Front Cross Carry

Short front cross carry is a poppable carry that can be done with a base -1 to base -4 depending on the wrap you use. This carry can be done with or without a ring. This will demonstrate how to do short front cross carry with a ring.

You will need one  large sling ring (or medium if your wrap is thin) and your wrap to do this. I am using Smitten Lady Bird’s Bluebonnets.

Brittany holding a red sling ring in her hand and a blue, green, white, and purple woven wrap in the other hand

Starting with one sling ring and your base-1
to -4 wrap, put the wrap through the ring.

Brittany is pulling the wrap through the sling ring

Bring the ring to your middle marker.

Brittany is holding the wrap through the ring

Drape the wrap over your shoulders with the sling ring at the center of your back.

The wrap is hanging over Brittany's shoulders and the red ring is on the center of her back
Cross the passes in front of you to make an X.

wrap makes an X in front of brittany back view of the wrap. Ring is visible mid back and brittany has the tails out to the side

Stick your fingers through the ring and grab one wrap

Brittany grabs the ring, and has one tail in her hand

Pull it through from the outside, in.

Brittany pulls the wrap through the ring

Repeat on the opposite side. Pull the wrap
through the rings from the outside, in.

Brittany is preparing to pull the other tail through the ring Brittany pulls the other tail through the ring from the outside, in

Tighten or loosen as needed to make space for your wearee and you’re ready to put them in!

Brittany shows where the baby will gobrittany is holding minerva in her arms

Pull their first leg through the inside
bunched pass.

Brittany brings minerva's leg through one pass.

Pull their next leg through the outside pass.

Brittany brings minerva's leg through the other pass and has her sitting on the passes

Grab the top rail of the inside pass, and
follow down the rail. Spread the pass.

Brittany spreads the inside pass while staring happily into the camera

Follow the top rail of the outside pass, then
spread that pass as well.

Brittany happily spreads the outside pass

Tighten piece by piece through the wrap on both sides and
guide the excess wrap through the ring. Tighten.

brittany pulls excess slack out of the wrap brittany tightens through the ring brittany tightens through the ring

There you have it! Short front cross carry. You can flip
the shoulders out  if you want.

 You can also tuck sleeping heads.

Here is a silent video if that is more your thing!

Be sure to show me your short front cross carry on the Britt Brown Marsh Blog Facebook page!

Special thanks to Smitten for sponsoring this tutorial!  Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and in their Facebook group Smitten Kittens!

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