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Review: Nunamoochie Retro Handwoven

Nunamoochie is a brand that I have reviewed before, and now they have a new line of handwoven wraps! Retro is the first of (hopefully) many handwoven wraps that they are releasing. This wrap is called retro because it reminded Nunamoochie’s owner of the black and white on old televisions.


Nunamoochie wraps come ready to wear. Retro was so soft right out of the package! It is a thin/medium weight 100% organic cotton wrap. This wrap was great for 31 inches and 23 pounds of toddler but Retro is perfect for new babies as well! It is molds so well to our bodies and that is important for me. At 28 inches wide, I was easily able to get a great seat without being too overwhelmed by width. My first carry was a front wrap cross carry and it was incredibly comfortable on my shoulders.


The next carry that I tried is a new favorite of mine, Charlie’s Cross Carry. This wrap basically wrapped itself. The chest pass was incredibly easy to make and it did not take a lot of adjusting to make it even and it makes an excellent flipped chest pass as well. I did a ruck tied Tibetan finished knotless which is one of my go-to carries. This was my favorite carry with Retro.


This wrap holds knots in place pretty well. A half knot is snug, but a double knot is ideal.  The slipknot I made needed a little adjusting after having Maxine up for a while.


This wrap is airy, incredibly soft, and the passes glide easily in place. There is some diagonal stretch, but nothing too crazy. I would recommend this wrap to anyone. It isn’t hard to break in at all and it basically wraps itself. This wrap is similar to the other Nunamoochie wraps in that it is soft, but it I can’t compare this to another handwoven. This is so much softer and more pleasant than the other few handwoven wraps that I have tried! This wraps true to size and it shines in a base size!


I can’t wait to see what other handwoven wraps Nunamoochie releases!

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